A Writing Life


When you’re given a prompt like love or longing, it can get a little esoteric. It works to ground the a big topic in a concrete object. It is way to tell something slant.

The Prompt

Love in terms of …

What I Know Now

I know I have one body.
One body. One planet from which to land and take off.
In the beginning, it feels like we have many bodies.
The infant.
The toddler.
The little kid.
The teenager.
The young woman.
And …

Eyes Closed


I’ve never been one to stare at the stars. The ocean. The Mountains. Sunrises. Sunsets. I’m all about them. I gulp them in with my eyes. Stars. Nighttime. Not so much. I don’t know what I’m looking at. It’s …

The Knee Poem

My poem, The Knee Poem, was published and selected as Editor’s Choice for the Ocotillo Review! I had the pleasure of reading it at Malvern Books in Austin, TX this summer.

To see me read the poem, click this …

Same But Different

The Writing Prompt is Same But Different. Set the timer for five minutes and write. It won’t be perfect but it might be sharp and clear. I like to use prompt to get out of the way of myself. The …

When Is The Right Time?

I kept waiting for the event.
Heart failure.
Back legs giving out completely.
But the event didn’t come. Sombra our 15-year-old Labrador/Whippet mix was not going to have an event. He was going to stay. That was his job. …

Interstitial Interstices 

They look like architectural drawings
these two words
Maps of pathways between things
all columns and arches
inviting us to enter into
the thing between everything
the you inside you
the imperfect chink in the crystal lattice
the weeds …

The Practice-Pant

On the surface, it is a short breath.

But it is so much more. My dog pants to let me know things. He pants in front of the door to let me he has to go outside. He pants with …