Snuggle Mountain

It’s morning, and Emma wants pancakes. But the two-headed giant who lives at the top of Snuggle Mountain has forgotten all about breakfast. So lump by bump, Emma begins her climb up the shaking, quaking mountain to reach the giant’s snuggly cave. How can Emma wake the giant without getting caught in the Sleeping Spell? Filled with imagination and humor, Snuggle Mountain perfectly captures a quintessential childhood experience.


  • Best Children’s Book, 2004 from Bank Street College of Education
  • Children’s Crown Gallery Award, 2006 from the National Christian School Association


  • “Emma’s thrilling tiptoe travels are an amusing testament to her tenacity.” —School Journal Library
  • “Its warmth mystery and creativity will bring delight to readers of all ages.” —Christian Schools International
  • “This book celebrates the every day of childhood!” —Varsha Bajaj, author of How Many Kisses Do You Want Tonight?
  • Snuggle Mountain has been a favorite read in my classroom for years. The perfect fantasy-adventure for the smaller set! What could be worse than a ‘sleeping spell?!’” — Jerri Romine, Kindergarten Readiness Teacher, Round Rock, TX
  • “This book is as sweet as a pile of pancakes on a weekend morning.” —Kirsten Cappy, Curious City