“I teach because articulating craft helps me be a better writer.”

Lindsey teaches in many venues and a variety of formats:

She is an adjunct professor at Austin Community College and teaches two classes in the fall and spring semesters:  Introduction to Children’s Literature and Introduction to Young Adult Fiction.

  • Mosaic Method Workshop: Lindsey’s most popular workshop, that she offers nationally, assists writers who are stuck in the middle of a novel or are having trouble starting a writing project. Lindsey Lane’s Mosaic Method asks the writer to explore the deepest parts of their manuscript or story idea. Think of it as a box of magic that you can open every time you need to re-ignite your writing engine. Lindsey will work with your synopsis and using a 30-minute phone call two weeks before the workshop to generate an envelope of prompts carefully crafted to keep you writing. Many writers have called this workshop “ingenious.”
  • School Presentations: Lindsey loves to do author visits and offers a wide array of presentations from Pre-K through college. Really.
  • Zoom Dialogues: Lindsey offers a free fifteen-minute author visit to your classroom via Zoom.
  • Mentoring: Lindsey asks for a six-month commitment and specific goals with a minimum of monthly check-ins.
  • Individual Critiques: Lindsey is happy to critique your manuscript or give you a referral to a colleague better suited to your manuscript.

Please contact Lindsey  for more information about any of these classes. Check out this blog post for her teaching philosophy.

Signing a book for a college student after class


Please don’t ask writers to come to your school for free. Writing is their livelihood, and teaching or creating presentations about writing is one of the ways they make ends meet.

That said, Lindsey is happy to design a program that will fit the specific needs of your school or classroom and your budget. The most basic and important aspect of her programs is to foster a love of reading, writing and language. Please contact her or The Booking Biz about fees and availability.

Also, there a number of creative ways to fund a school visit. The Writers League of Texas sponsors Project Wise, an initiative that sends authors in Austin area schools at no cost to the school. Call 512-499-8914. Check out these amazing tips from The Booking Biz and the The Cooperative Children’s Book Center about ways to fund and prepare for an author’s visit.

“Mosaic was a transformative experience. Truly. Lindsey’s prompts opened up secrets, possibilities, and new directions I never thought to take my story. I was totally energized by the work. Best of all, because I left the workshop with fresh perspectives and words, there was joy, not fear, as I returned to the manuscript the next day. Now I want to 'Mosaic' every book I write.”
—Anne Bustard, Author, Blue Skies
“I used this method to draft a middle grade novel that I then sold to Scholastic. It’s extraordinary.”
—Martha Brockenbrough, Author, To Catch a Thief
"By suggesting myriad entry points, Lindsey Lane's Mosaic Method helped me see the vivid details and full dimensionality of my story as if by magic. It's ingenious."
—Liz Scanlon, Author, All The World
"I discovered how powerful revision is. I'd never written in present tense before, so when Lindsey suggested it, I was pretty scared. But it turned out to be the right choice and really stretched me as a writer. I never would have done it if Lindsey hadn’t mentioned it."
Short Fiction Workshop Student
I call Lindsey the “Writing Whisperer”.  She opened the world of writing to me in new ways.
—Margaret Keys
“Lindsey’s sincere enthusiasm for writing came through in her interactions with the students. She kept them engaged with her stories and inspired them to write their own.
—Del Valle High School Librarian
“That picture exercise was awesome. I wanted to do more and more and more. You made me enthusiastic about writing.”
—Noah, 3rd grader