This Morning

I ‘finished’ reading a marvelous book.

It will never be finished because it is the kind of book that can be read at different ages and it will always give you a new perspective. It has a kind of omniscience, this book. You can come to it again and again and it will refresh your stale footprint. It will throw cold water on your party dress. It will warm you like late afternoon sun. Such a fine book.

At the very ending of the book, the Grandmother gets up in the middle of the night and goes outside. It is very dark. She hears a boat going out to sea. Or so she thinks…

“Isn’t that funny,” Grandmother said. “It’s only my heart, it’s not a herring boat at all.” For a long time, she wondered if she should go back to bed or stay where she was. She guessed she would stay for a while.”

Imagine, ending a book with a heartbeat.