A Writing Life

Joy v. Belief

I stood in the parking lot of the Coronado National Monument and listened to the park ranger talk about the bands of drug cartels barreling across the border in their trucks. “I’ve watched them unload metal planks and lean them…
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Joy Takes A Hike

No, Really. I went hiking in Southern Arizona. See…   It was beautiful. Really freaking beautiful. Every step was a joy. Even the hard ones. But here I am again. And believe me, I hesitated about coming back. Not from…
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Today this gorgeous song came on my play list. When it ended, I flipped to Joni Mitchell’s first recording of this song. So many years difference in between. I loved the first recording. The haunting purity of her voice. That…
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As I was writing

yesterday, I noticed this conversation in my head. Me: This is a sweet scene.
Me: Yeah, I’m kinda getting to know my characters.
Me: If you knew them better, this scene would really be good.
Me: Hey this is a…
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The Joyful Moments

Sensing my brain writing even while I am not.
Laughing with an acquaintance. Really laughing & feeling something shift between us.
Working out and noticing that my 3 lb. dumbbell tricep curls have become 12 lb. curls.
Noticing how peacefully…
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Monday Is One Day*

So it went well yesterday. I read all the pages of the new middle grade and it’s not only pretty good, it’s also not far from being a complete first draft. I dug into the syllabus and powerpoint for my…
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The Nu-Age Spin

So I woke up this morning and thought about the things on my to do list, felt the audible “oh fuck” in my stomach and rolled back over. As I drifted off in the predawn light, I thought, “Be gentle…
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You Keep Going

Some days are less joyful.
Bad night’s sleep.
Fifth rainy day in a row.
Every day is not a green screen of Mary Poppins animation where flowers come to life.
Some days are one minute after the next.
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And then this thought…

This is stupid.
Who Cares?
Does the world really need another word
Another thought
Another whatever? Probably not. And yet…
And yet… That’s all it is: a thought. one crappy little thought cluster ready to derail the whole operation. Hello…
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Orange-A joyful little tale

Orange Tangerine Those little tangerines you’re supposed to put in your kids lunches Clementines Who named them? Some farmer fooling around in the barn. “Hmm, what would happen if I stuck this branch on this tree?” When it took, the…
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