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Quotable Tuesday-Anastasia Suen

Today at Quotable Tuesday, I am joined by the extraordinary Anastasia Suen, author of over one hundred books for children, literacy blogger and teacher. I first ‘met’ Anastasia when my daughter pulled one of her board books off the

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El día de los niños/El día de los libros, Children’s Day/Book Day

 Once upon a time there was a poet and author named Pat Mora. She believed in fostering the love of books in children. She called it ‘book joy.’ One day, someone asked her about Children’s Day. Even though it …


Quotable Tuesday-Annette Simon

It doesn’t often happen that Quotable Tuesday gets to host an author on the very day their book is born. But today we do. Please welcome my friend and former Austinite Annette Simon, the author and illustrator of This


Lists of lists of lists

I love lists. I love making a list and ordering my thoughts. I love setting down a process and executing it thing by thing. I love how lists capture the essence of something that must be done so that all …


Quotable Tuesday-Ze Frank

I don’t know Ze Frank. In fact, everything I just learned about him came from Wikipedia and But my friend Sam sent me this three minute video and Sam doesn’t like to waste my time. So when …


Quotable Tuesday

Today’s quote comes to us through a circuitous route. I am part of a listserve of Austin kidlit writers and illustrators. Recently someone posted a link to the Blue Rose Girl’s blog where Libby Koponen was musing about when it


The Work of Making Art

Watching Riusuke Fukahori work in this video, I kept thinking what conviction, what faith and what knowledge of our materials we must have as writers and artists to believe in our vision and keep going.

Have a Happy Easter.


Quotable Tuesday-Ammi-Joan Paquette

Today at Quotable Tuesday, I am delighted to host Ammi-Joan Paquette, the author of the stunning NOWHERE GIRL, the delightful TIPTOE GUIDE TO TRACKING FAIRIES and soon the TIPTOE GUIDE TO TRACKING MERMAIDS.

Joan was recently in Austin for …


Writers and the World of Start-ups

So a friend of mine sent me a link to Jason Cohen’s blog A Smart Bear. Apparently, Cohen is the founder of WP Engine and Smart Bear Software. I say apparently because I have no idea what WP Engine …


Quotable Tuesday-Kristine George

Today at Quotable Tuesday, I am joined by the brilliant Kristine George. Kristine is the author of children’s poetry including EMMA DILEMMA, FOLD ME A POEM and my personal favorite HUMMINGBIRD NEST

As a writer, she has many quotes …