Pride and Joy

This month, I completed several big projects.

The first one was writing and editing my dear friend Ben Livingston’s website. It was a total joy to work with him, and his website is now a complete compendium of his work, his philosophy and his humor. Here it is:

The second was a months long project that published this week. My intention was to reframe the tragic event of your book going out of print. First, I interviewed authors and illustrators whose books had gone out of print. Then I interviewed editors and agents to get their perspective. Finally,  I dug deeper into the numbers to understand the landscape of publishing.

Here is the series:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

I grew up as an author writing this series. While the event of a book going out of print is sad, I no longer wire it up as a failing of mine. It is a publishing event. My gig is writing. I’d best get back to it.

So I feel a lot of pride and joy in these accomplishments. And buoyed. And purposeful.

As I tap, tap tap…