The Practice-On Hiatus

The Practice is going on vacation for the month of April. Poetry Month. Each day for the month of April, I will post a poem from a different poet on my Facebook page. Join me there. Let us drift with…
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haiku 20

Today my daughter decided, after being accepted into ten colleges, that she will go to Northeastern University next fall. Like her, I’m thrilled, excited, scared and kind of giddy. It’s all so crazy to love a person so much that…
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haiku 17

I drove home from Lockhart today through a brilliant thunderstorm. thin lightning strikes slice
the clouds glow an eery green
leaves shimmer below  …
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I’m Going to Blue Willow Books

Next Saturday, March 21, 2015, I’m going to be on a panel at 1pm at the amazing Houston independent bookstore Blue Willow. If you’re in the area, I hope you’ll drop in as children’s and young adult author Varsha Bajaj…
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Such cool news. Over 12,000 people downloaded Snuggle Mountain thanks to AppFriday and Apps Gone Free. I hope all those folks love the story as much as Leonard Ashcraft and his daughter Ina did: “We really love the subtle animations…
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Over the weekend, a gaggle of 12-year-old girls flocked to our home. As I sat in my office, I alternately eavesdropped and tried not to hear what this tittering troupe of preteens were talking about as they changed clothes about…
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