This and That

Quotable Tuesday-Jerri Romine

“The way to write is to throw your body at the mark when your arrows are spent.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson This quote is a favorite of my friend and fellow Austinite Jerri Romine. “It affirms for me what a difficult…
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Quotable Tuesday-PJ Hoover

Welcome to the corner of the web where writers tell what quote sustains them as they work. Visiting today is the lovely PJ (Tricia) Hoover an Austin author, a Texas Sweetheart, a great mom, friend and wife. Actually, Tricia gave…
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A Backhanded Compliment

The following is a recent exchange between the teen and me: Teen: Mom, why do you always leave the leashes hooked together on the tree? I always have to unhook them and it’s a pain. Me: Is that a request?…
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Yoga & Writing Redux

So we have this visiting teacher at our yoga studio. In true, open hearted form, I had this instant allergic reaction to her. Her voice was too loud. She talked too much. She turned the microphone up so high there…
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