Yoga & Writing Redux

So we have this visiting teacher at our yoga studio.

In true, open hearted form, I had this instant allergic reaction to her. Her voice was too loud. She talked too much. She turned the microphone up so high there was feedback every time she opened her loud mouth.

And then this interesting thing happened.

In the postures, when my mind tells me, “You can’t do this one. Take a rest.” this teacher’s obnoxious, too loud voice short circuited my own internal carping. I did all 26 postures twice. I breathed. I sweated. I felt good. That too loud voice buoyed me. It took up all the space usually reserved for my mind’s insecure prattle.

The next time your mind does that negative coddling, you know what it sounds like: ‘You better not write, sing act or do anything that is brave, honest or real because you might fail.” The next time, say very loudly, THANK YOU FOR SHARING. NOW LEAVE.”

2 Responses to “Yoga & Writing Redux”

  1. Katia Novet Saint-Lot

    How interesting !!! Maybe you were being competitive, also? As in, I’m gonna show this loud mouth person that I don’t need anything from her ? And suddenly, you discover you can go over your own limitations…
    Lindsey, I tried adding your blog as a feed, so I could receive it directly in my email box, but I get this very long html page, and that’s it ???
    I need to get back to yoga.