A Backhanded Compliment

The following is a recent exchange between the teen and me:

Teen: Mom, why do you always leave the leashes hooked together on the tree? I always have to unhook them and it’s a pain.

Me: Is that a request?

Teen: (slight gnashing of teeth) Yes. Please don’t leave the leashes hooked together.

Me: Okay but why do you complain about all this little crappy stuff that I do?

Teen: Because I can’t complain about the big stuff.

Me: Because I’m pretty good with that stuff?

Teen: Yes.

2 Responses to “A Backhanded Compliment”

  1. John McElhenney

    Fun flipping through someone’s blog to find a gem that speaks out to you. I love this moment. I too am trying to capture a few of them in words and sounds.