Poetry Month – April 27, 2022

Obviously, my sister did not see this poem before she died but I think she would have liked it. WEATHER REPORT My sister called them the weather terrorists
She’d rail at how
They’d whip us into a frenzy
make us…
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Poetry Month – April 16, 2022

Family. I wrote this poem when I was estranged from one of my sisters. We aren’t anymore. But the poem stands. April 16 We don’t speak my sister and I
It is her birthday
Today will always be her birthday…
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Poetry Month – April 11, 2022

In the musical GiGi, Maurice Chevalier and Hermoine Gingold sing a sweet duet called “I Remember It Well.” This poem is sparked by the notion that two memories, side by side, record events very differently.  SISTERS I sat on the…
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