Poetry Month – April 6

THE GIFT When the four-year-old boy got
The invitation from the soon-to-be five-year-old girl,
he walked outside to his father’s scrap wood pile
picked out two pieces of wood
small enough to fit in his hands but
large enough to…
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Poetry Month-April 5, 2024

Okay…It took all of my restraint not to write “I bailed” somewhere is this little ditty. Why did I keep this object on my altar, you may wonder? A reminder of things not to do. Every memory is important. Warning:…
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Poetry Month-April 3, 2024

            From the altar box today… When my daughter was in preschool, she would bring home the artwork of all the other children in the class. I’d ask her where her artwork was and she’d…
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Poetry Month – April 14

When I pulled this prompt, I was like, ‘What?!? Why did I write this phrase on a card?’ I mean I could already hear Ringo Starr’s voice, “What would you do…” While I was arguing with my prompt, my dog…
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