You Keep Going

Some days are less joyful.
Bad night’s sleep.
Fifth rainy day in a row.
Every day is not a green screen of Mary Poppins animation where flowers come to life.
Some days are one minute after the next.
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Orange-A joyful little tale

Orange Tangerine Those little tangerines you’re supposed to put in your kids lunches Clementines Who named them? Some farmer fooling around in the barn. “Hmm, what would happen if I stuck this branch on this tree?” When it took, the…
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The Joy Inquiry

What would happen if the news about rejections, bad sales, crappy reviews was simply that: news? What if I didn’t make it mean anything? Like…
I’m a bad writer
I’m not successful
I’m not smart enough
I’m not good enough…
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I am beginning the year with an inquiry into joy. Specifically joy in my writing. Last year, the joy  dribbled out of me. Let’s just say some things happened and gradually, writing began to feel like a duty. A have-to.…
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