Joy Inquiry


Today I am teaching a class on crafting openings that will make your readers lean in. I have had many writing teachers. Many. Great. Good. Bad. Terrible. Fortunately the terrible ones have faded and I only remember the positive ones,…
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Too Much To Do…

When I  moved into my first apartment and put that one key on my empty key ring, I remember thinking, “Oh man, I’m an adult now. Pretty soon, I’ll have lots of keys to lots of doors.” For some reason,…
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A Simple Morning

To my left, on a table are two books. Two really good books. I am reading them at the same time. Two chapters a day each. They are beautiful stories. Not complicated.  Somehow, their simplicity stirs images and memories in…
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Precious Perfection-Part Two

More about the bane of perfection: Waiting to speak up
waiting to be completely “right”
waiting to have all the t’s crossed. i’s dotted
waiting to stun everyone into silence
with your unassailable brilliance. Oh my god…how effed up is…
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Why Not?

I took part in a Writers League of Texas panel this week. The topic was restarting projects: How to begin or re-begin something. Hmmm… Yes, getting yourself to sit down can be hard. Or sometimes sitting down AND believing yourself…
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