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Quotable Tuesday-Blessy Mathew

Today’s quote comes to us from my friend, fellow VCFA classmate and writer with a beautiful voice Blessy Mathew. When I asked Blessy what quote buoyed her and sustained her as a writer, this is what she shared:

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Quotable Tuesday-Dana Walrath

Today’s quote comes from friend, VCFA classmate and extraordinary writer Dana Walrath. In the picture above, Dana is standing in front of her work Through the Looking Glass, a sketchbook of words and images which chronicles her mother …


Critique Goodness

My friend Donna Bowman Bratton is featuring her second week of interviewing writers about what makes critique groups work well. This week she interviewed Emily Kristin Anderson and Me! Check it out here.


Quotable Tuesday-Janet Fox

“Butt in chair”
Jane Yolen

Today’s quote comes to us from my friend and young adult author Janet Fox who says, “I love this quote because it says it all – you have to show up and do the …



Not many foods are actually bittersweet.

Kumquats come to mind. But not much else. Mostly when I hear the word bittersweet, I think of time and place: Leaving someplace you love after having had a really good time. Labor Day …


We Begin Again. And Again.

Whenever I finish something, whether it is my newly minted MFA degree or a book or a play or an article, the inevitable question people ask is: “What’s next?”

This question used to bug me. It seemed to miss the …


Mother’s Day Meanderings

We think we are so connected. We read blogs. We interact through social media. We write emails. Some of us even write letters and read the newspaper. We think we are aware and involved and then we get an email …


Sunday Miscellaneous

Chris Barton and Shark v. Train strikes again

Statesman book reviewer Sharyn Vane posts a notice about Chris’s upcoming signing at Book People on Saturday April 24 @ 1pm and uses the word ‘delightful.’ Vane tends towards understatement so ‘delightful’

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How do you keep 40 Kindergartners from wiggling?

Read to them.

Yes. It’s true. I LOVE author visits. I love the rising terror of seeing 40 five year olds get restless and wondering, “Oh no, what should I do?” I love turning the tables on them and listening …


Erik Kuntz-One Bad Mouse

Today, Erik Kuntz comes over for a visit to talk about why he blogs. Erik is a designer, illustrator, comics artist,  teacher and, if you buy him lunch, he’ll tell the secret workings of the world wide web.

You can …