A Writing Life

Writers & Dinosaurs

A few months ago, my friend Greg Leitich Smith put out a call to writers and illustrators to send pictures  of themselves with dinosaurs. Why? Because early next year, March 2012 to be exact, his book CHRONAL ENGINE is coming…
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The Call

Always there is a call.
Two years ago it said,
She’s stopped eating
You need to come.
Yesterday it said,
She’s slipped into a coma
You need to come. And you go
Always you go.…
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You Can’t Resist It

So I opened a blank word document this week to begin a new story. As soon as I did, I felt this resistance. Not procrastination. I’d already done the dishes and vacuumed and made tea. That’s procrastination. No, what I…
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Cynsational Love

Pretty much everyone who writes, reads or follows children’s literature knows Cynthia Leitich Smith. Her wesbite and her blog is the go-to resource for everyone in our community. I am very, very proud to have joined her this week as…
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