Poetry Month

haiku 30

This day. This gorgeous, gorgeous day. So like summer in New England that it makes me kind of ache inside. What better way to celebrate the end of April and the close of poetry month than with my last haiku…
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haiku 29

I love trees. I love their seasons, their shapes, their height. To me, they each have their own personality. Growing up in New England, I had favorites: birches, maples, pines and lilacs. After I moved to Texas, I fell in…
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haiku 28

On Saturday, it felt like summer was barreling down on us with all its 100 plus degree force. Today, a respite… layers of grey light
pile up, behind them lies
one more gust of spring          …
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haiku 27

E.L. Doctorow said this about writing: “It’s like driving at night with the headlights on. You can only see a little ways ahead of you, but you can make the whole journey that way.” words then sentences
paragraphs then chapters…
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haiku 26

Today I was honored by a friend who felt safe enough to cry and share her vulnerabilities. puffy clouds above
south wind no rain only tears
between two dear friends      …
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haiku 25

Today has been extraordinary. Highlights include: good words on the page; a wonderful author visit with a really smart teen book club at the gorgeous Cedar Park Library; the Big Squeeze Accordion Fest which featured some accomplished young players; a…
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haiku 24

It is delicious indeed when the conversation with two dear friends is as rich as chocolate. it looks like lunch but
it’s three dear friends weaving lives
closer and deeper…
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haiku 23

It never fails…this moment makes me smile so big. neon green light flares
sudden magic in the night
first firefly of spring…
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haiku 22

The property next to our home is waiting to be developed. Now it is wonderfully overgrown and every day I take the dogs on a walk through the three foot high grass. small dog in tall grass
furry mast navigating…
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haiku 21

Tuesday is one of my favorite days of the week. Usually, it is a day full of writing, reading and catching up on communication. It never ceases to feel luxurious. Today, I kept writing into the wilds of my next…
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