Poetry Month

Poetry Month – April 30, 2022

I am ending the month with a haiku, tipping my hat to Liz Scanlon who asked me to join the celebration of Poetry month several years ago by writing haiku . Thank you, friend. THE END A very long thread…
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Poetry Month – April 29, 2022

There is less birdsong. There are fewer honey bees. Wildlife is in decline. Global warming is very real. As our homes and our lives become threatened by tornados, floods and fires, we have created our very own Solomon’s choice: what…
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Poetry Month – April 28, 2022

This poem was written after the Healing Trauma Class with the Truth Be Told Facilitators. We were asked to draw what love looked like then, now and in the future. Because I suck at drawing, this… LOVE IN THREE ACTS…
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Poetry Month – April 27, 2022

Obviously, my sister did not see this poem before she died but I think she would have liked it. WEATHER REPORT My sister called them the weather terrorists
She’d rail at how
They’d whip us into a frenzy
make us…
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Poetry Month – April 26, 2022

Sometimes, when you are lucky, a poem slams into you. Like this… THE EDGE OF MANSFIELD It was in the ice crystals. The clouds that swirled over me had ice crystals in them. Someone said they were from the hurricane…
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Poetry Month – April 25, 2022

While I rely on the security of finding my blue dot on the screen, I still love the mysteries of paper maps and how they mark time, revealing gaps in where we’ve been and where we are going.  The Mapmaker…
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Poetry Month – April 22, 2022

As a New England girl, reading the weather is essential to survival. MOM She was my sun.
I watched her from my crib
a blanket on the floor
my highchair perch
best of all, from her lap.
The closer to…
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Poetry Month – April 21, 2022

Sometimes, only through the lens of time, can you realize that you might have had your priorities in the wrong order… ANNIVERSARY Today
I was married
Fill-in-the-blank years ago It was cloudy
Portending rain
Fill-in-the-blank years ago I was all…
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