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haiku nine

It snowed last night in New Hampshire. Three inches. A friend texted me a picture as I was looking at these roses. In this quixotic time called spring,  I wondered what haiku I would be writing if I were there. …


haiku eight

Every once in a while, early in the morning, I get a call from one of my dearest friends in the world. Both of us are busy so when we connect, we go to deep places in our conversations. We …


haiku seven

Oh wait, it’s getting late.  Time for a haiku. Get quiet. Let the moment come.

the day’s slipped away
windows are night black only
a dog by my side



haiku six

So it’s beginning to get hot down here in Texas but in one of the great symbiotic strokes of genius, the tiny tight twigs of a few days ago have turned into full on canopies of leaves, complete with a …


haiku five

Easter Sunday can be full of family, chocolate, painted eggs and a table laden with food. Ours was quite the opposite this year. Sleeping late, spending the day with my daughter: she did homework while I wrote. Finally, the day …


haiku 4

I love it when the weather shifts. I love the way the air stirs and sweeps everything clean. Most of all, I love opening the windows and snuggling in.

wind switches around
leaves shiver, trees sway, grass trembles
cat is …


haiku three

While all the flowering trees are exploding around Austin, the tall trees seem to hold back and wait. And then one day, you blink and the world is green. Today is the moment before.

tiny tight twigs wait
under these …


April 2: Squirrel v. Dog

This form of haiku–5-7-5–is an Americanization of the art form. Really, haiku are not limited by syllables. Yes they are short. But the “most important characteristic of haiku,” says Michael Dylan Welch in his blog Graceguts is how it conveys,


Poetry Month Begins

T.S. Eliot’s poem The Wasteland begins with this line: April is the cruelest month. The next few lines yearn for winter’s return so that we can remain wrapped in snow’s forgetful cover, safe from memory and desire stirring in the …