Poetry Month

April 9

I did not grow up with cats. Now I can’t imagine my life without them. Luxuriant cat
Warm fur curled into covers
Tempts me in to bed…
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April 8

No picture today, my friends. Yesterday was my ninth visit to the Lane Murray Unit in Gatesville, Texas with Truth Be Told, a program which goes into women’s prisons and guides them through telling the stories of their lives that…
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April 7

Walking outside in my yard is so yummy right now. Everything is blooming. Little Jasmine star
twinkles from tangled green vines
Heaven scent to earth…
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April 6

We found Sombra in April 2004. It was raining. Gabriella and I had just dropped off books at the public library. Some boys on bikes came up to us and said, “Is this your dog?” No. “Can you help us?…
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April 5

My mom had a love/hate relationship with fresh cut flowers. She loved them but they didn’t stay lovely long enough. I have a love relationship with them from bud to carcass. Withered tulips tell
Strange stories of love and death…
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April 4

Today is Liz Scanlon‘s birthday. She is a poet, a children’s book author, a mom, a wife, a fine woman and I’m so glad I get to call her a dear friend. She’s also a fellow April haiku mate. I…
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April 3

A friend gave me this orchid. I love them but I’ve not had much success at keeping them alive. I get another try… Such bright happy faces
Questioning stem taunts the gardener
How long will I thrive?…
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It’s April!!!

April is Poetry Month. Go outside. Walk around. Breathe. Find seventeen syllables to celebrate this month. Here’s my first. Twenty three years pass
One flower finally comes
That no vase can hold.…
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