Poetry Month

Poetry Month – April 20

On the index card, I wrote What Compels Us. I crossed out ‘us’ and wrote ‘me.’ Smart. In poetry, I think it’s always best to start with the personal. WHAT COMPELS ME Morning light
Conversation over coffee
The wag of…
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Poetry Month – April 19

“The Approachable You” My first thought looking at this prompt was how do I make myself approachable? Will my approachability save me from being shot if I drive into someone’s driveway by mistake? And then I thought of Linda, one…
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Poetry Month – April 18

“Wait” is a strange prompt to pull when you’ve missed your regular quiet window to write. WAIT Hurry up
Slow down
Hold on
Wait is one link in the long chain of time
Sometimes pulled tight
Sometimes held slack
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Poetry Month – April 17

Whenever the word opposites shows up, I think of my mother’s hands on my forehead when I was sick. They were miraculous. It’s like the coolness of them pulled the hot sick fever feeling out of me. Or reminded my…
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Poetry Month – April 16

Oh my, when I pulled this prompt from my father’s bowler, I wasn’t thinking of my sister. I wasn’t even remembering it was her birthday today. After I read the words: ‘A Thousand Darknesses,’ all I heard/saw in my head…
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Poetry Month – April 15

I suspect this poem would have been quite different if it were written in the morning. But it wasn’t. Here is the prompt: THE WIND
Five Verbs: howls, gusts, whispers, slips, breathes,
Five Nouns: air, breath, puff, breeze squall
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Poetry Month – April 14

When I pulled this prompt, I was like, ‘What?!? Why did I write this phrase on a card?’ I mean I could already hear Ringo Starr’s voice, “What would you do…” While I was arguing with my prompt, my dog…
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Poetry Month – April 13

I didn’t sleep well. I woke up with a heavy, critical heart. Fortunately I have people in my life who can listen and who know that by listening fully without judgement, I will find my way back to my sturdy…
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Poetry Month – April 12

I tried to give my daughter a collection of essays, entitled TAKE MY ADVICE. I was met with a ‘No Thanks.’ It prompted me to put the title on an index card. Here goes… TAKE MY ADVICE If I do,…
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Poetry Month – April 11

Today’s prompt: Nonet and A journey. A nonet is a nine line poem. The form is 9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. Hmmmmm…what journey should I take? I can hear my mother’s voice, “What a glory of a day.” She loved the sun. She accepted…
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