Poetry Month

Poetry Month – April 30

Best beloveds, thank you for reading my word conjurings this month. It’s been delicious for me. I have loved the moment of pulling the prompt, looking at the words, feeling a twinge of fear (Can I do it? What if…
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Poetry Month – April 29

When I created this prompt, I’d had a conversation with a dear friend about aging, about coming to the end of our lives. She called it going home. I remember thinking how we are always headed home. Hence, the prompt.…
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Poetry Month – April 28

I went to the prison last night. We had a beautiful class. Our leader asked us to imagine “A day in the life of…” It could be anyone or anything and then we had to guess who or what they…
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Poetry Month – April 27

The actual prompt was ‘an opportunity,’ but I got distracted by the length of the word, my cat Otis walking in the room and the fact that an opportunity may turn to shit. Fun with poetry. OPPORTUNITY Opportunity
takes up…
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Poetry Month – April 26

When I first saw this prompt, I thought of words that set particular fates in motion. Yes, I could have turned a happier ending. Could have. Didn’t. THE THING THAT CAN NEVER BE SAID They danced around it
With rolled…
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Poetry Month – April 25

The pandemic is over. Sheltering in place is done. We are gathering again. In great festive groups. While I love being amongst people I love again, I grew to love the simplest ways of being together. INVITATION Come
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Poetry Month – April 24

I stared at this prompt for quite a while. At first I wandered around trying to find some link between shoes and hats that fit. Nope. Then I thought about the Kentucky Derby for a while hoping for a hat…
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Poetry Month – April 22

I swear I have no memory of writing this prompt on the index card: “Tell us your name, your real name and all the names that were never truly yours” But it sure was fun to spin out. Each one…
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Poetry Month – April 21

So when I pulled the prompt this morning, nothing sparked. And then time collapsed into one thing after another. I noodled on it once or twice but really, I let myself drift in the flow of book writing friends from…
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