Poetry Month

April 30

The last day of poetry month and my observance of it through a haiku a day. I love the practice. The mindfulness. I feel bittersweet. Even more so because I visited my high school in Springfield, Massachusetts. Except it is…
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April 29

Even though there are endless to do lists to get out of town, I love that moment of leaving when everything is stretched out before me. The promise of adventure. Nothing has happened. It is all about to begin. tomorrow…
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April 28

Coming back from the prison tonight, this happened… jagged lightening bolts
slice the night; hail crashes down
weather in Texas…
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April 27

When I walked by these iris in the morning, they were tightly closed. By noon, they were sprung open. It seemed like a message. spring jots us a note
open, you fool, open up
life is so short. love…
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April 26

Today is the day I shut the windows, turn on the air conditioning and try to remember the good things about summer. steamy sultry hot
not a hip swinging human
go outside you’ll see…
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April 25

The month of haikus is nearly up. A month of noticing the little things that buoy us, brighten our days, make us more delicate inside. soft petaled sunshine
born of light water air dirt
simple grace I think…
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April 23

Tonight I was invited to a Seder. It is a beautiful tradition in which we remember what came before and what freedom means. And then we eat and talk and drink and be free. candles are lighted
friends gathered and…
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April 22

Prince dies. Queen Elizabeth turns 90. The rain stops. The sun comes out. We spin and we spin. Some days it is best to walk outside. Especially on Earth Day. celebrate earth night;
go outside, full moon rising
open gate…
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April 21

Today’s haiku is brought to you by the rain. splatter splat trickle
hiss drip drop pitter pat pat
sounds outside my door…
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