Poetry Month

Poetry Month – April 10

When I wrote the prompt ‘Her Smile’ on the index card, I wasn’t thinking of Mona Lisa. I was thinking of romance, of love, of that sweetness which connects us to the human heart. But perhaps that’s why we connect…
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Poetry Month – April 9

Did not remember writing this prompt on the index card. Did not know where this poem was going. THE HABIT OF BEING YOURSELF At first, you can’t help yourself
Squall eat sleep twenty four seven
Until you smile.
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Poetry Month – April 8

Serendipity: pulling a prompt which says “Birthday Poem” on the day that someone was born and left us too soon. Birthday Poem You were born today
So many years ago
You lived all the way til now
And we celebrated…
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Poetry Month – April 7

One of the things that’s difficult about this poetry-prompt-promise I’ve made is pressing ‘publish’ on these slightly imagined images. I want to let them cook a little longer. I want to fuse what I’m trying to say with what’s on…
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Poetry Month – April 6

Hah. Another form poem. I swear it’s not planned. This one a cinquain with a syllabic line count of 2-4-6-8-2 Cat purrs
Rain showers down
Eyelids blink open shut
Soft green blanket wraps around me
Nap time.  …
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Poetry Month-April 5

Today I drew the prompt “Tanka,” which is a form poem. Five lines, measured by syllables: 5-7-5-7-7. What I love about form poems is I have to get present. I have to see what is right before me and play…
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Poetry Month – April 4

Today’s Prompt: The Bridge The Bridge I cross a bridge most everyday
On my way to most everywhere
Most days, mid bridge, I think about an escape plan if it collapsed
Would I have enough time to press the automatic…
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Poetry Month-April 3

My Flesh, My Heart A little more than a gallon of blood
Churns under my skin
A bucket’s worth of ocean water
Sloshes in the pail
the six-year-old carries
across the white sand
full of Look Mom treasures
a starfish,…
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Poetry Month-April 2

Well, yesterday’s poem was a bit of a rant. Let’s see what prompt I pull from my dad’s riding bowler today. “Finally, the truth” Hmmm…I think a prose poem is required. I sat across from him. Charged and held. A…
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