Poetry Month

Poetry Month – April 10, 2022

I love the moment before. I love those infinitesimal seconds between when we ask for something we want and the answer…whatever it might be.  They (the seconds) feel fizzy with excitement and daring. INVITATION Can I come over?
Wanna play?…
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Poetry Month – April 9, 2022

I don’t know why some poems have to be prose poems. I’m sure there’s an M.F.A. reason. For me, they blast out of me like a wind I can’t stop and slam onto the page. I could have written it…
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Poetry Month – April 8, 2022

This poem comes from restricted section of the Concord Public Library in Concord, Massachusetts. The ancient papers were opened to the Whale Rock Workshop under the watchful eye of Gary Schmidt. He asked us to peer into these ancient documents…
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Poetry Month – April 7, 2022

When I became a mom, I loved birth stories. I couldn’t hear enough of them. They are so tender. So individual. As I age, I love the stories about each person’s passing on. They are so tender. So individual. Thank…
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Poetry Month – April 6, 2022

Ahh, yes…the obsessive moments when you are first captivated by someone…. WEDNESDAY Wake up early
Think of you
Post a poem
think of you
make tea
think of you
sit down at the manuscript
think of you
this glorious
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Poetry Month – April 5, 2022

You can probably guess where this little poem came from. Choose a part of your body you don’t find, um, very attractive. Write a rhapsody to it. Ha! TOES Oh my little bony friends
Oh my calloused misshapen ones
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Poetry Month – April 4, 2022

This story poem is inspired by one of the stunning women I have met at the Lane Murray Unit while volunteering for Truth Be Told. She went into prison at fifteen. She was released thirty years later. Her name is…
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Poetry Month – April 3, 2022

Spring arrived this week in Texas with every tree unfurling its leaves and wild flowers bursting open.  The Green Church We go early.
First come the bright faces
Orange, yellow, blue, purple
On long wild stems.
They catch our breeze…
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Poetry Month – April 2, 2022

Today’s poem comes from a prompt: What do you carry in your backpack everywhere? Pretty immediately, I thought of something Bret Anthony Johnston said at a Writers League conference: “To write our stories, we’re all using the same twenty six…
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Poetry Month-April 1, 2022

Welcome to a month of poems. Welcome to Poetry Month. Welcome. This year I am going to share my own poetry. Gulp. Such audacity. I grew believing that poets are gods and goddesses. I dare to enter the temple. April…
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