Poetry Month

Poetry Month – April 20, 2022

For Kate, a fellow jewel lover… FIRST JEWELS On the beach, I used to find bits of glass so soft and rounded I didn’t believe they were glass. They were jewels. The blue ones were rare and expensive sapphires. Clear…
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Poetry Month – April 19, 2022

When we fall in love, it feels singular, like we have discovered an unknown island in the vast Pacific Ocean. And it is. Sort of. And then the couple has to traverse the mundane routes of their lives and rekindle…
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Poetry Month – April 18, 2022

Years ago, I sponsored a Vietnamese refugee to this country. This prose poem is a snapshot of our first night together. SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT Her full name is Ho Tuyet Mai. It means ‘Falling Snow.” I didn’t know it…
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Poetry Month – April 17, 2022

I think this poem happened on retreat at Kindling Words West. We were sitting around talking about the first trees that we climbed. THE TREE My first was a Maple
At the corner of Dickinson Place and Woodland Road
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Poetry Month – April 16, 2022

Family. I wrote this poem when I was estranged from one of my sisters. We aren’t anymore. But the poem stands. April 16 We don’t speak my sister and I
It is her birthday
Today will always be her birthday…
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Poetry Month – April 15, 2022

Jana Swec is a marvelous artist, painter and muralist. At a recent opening, I overheard her talk about her love affair with Payne’s Grey. PAYNE’S GREY
                   (for Jana) She fell in love with Payne’s Grey
For a whole year
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Poetry Month – April 14, 2022

A scene at the airport… JUST IN CASE “Just in Case. Take the umbrella.” Her mother stuffed the small red collapsible umbrella in the side pouch of her carry on and pushed her into the TSA security line. She didn’t…
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Poetry Month – April 13, 2022

A childhood memory. FLYING We called it a seesaw
but it was a big plank
twelve feet long.
eight inches wide
four inches thick
At each end, the wood curved into seats
Underneath in the middle of the plank were…
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Poetry Month – April 12, 2022

I don’t know where this poem came from. Teaching? Writing? Frustration? Who knows? It’s here. THE ARCHITECTURE OF STORY We begin with a one-dimensional stick figure and a idea.
The idea towers in our mind.
Big. Big, Big.
Great American…
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Poetry Month – April 11, 2022

In the musical GiGi, Maurice Chevalier and Hermoine Gingold sing a sweet duet called “I Remember It Well.” This poem is sparked by the notion that two memories, side by side, record events very differently.  SISTERS I sat on the…
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