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April 20

After all the storms, the sun came out and a soft wind lifted the curtains on the porch.

IMG_1164seductive dancer
she lifts her skirt, twirls, kicks and rests
a sweet southern wind


April 19

One of the things I love about tradition is how, each time you come ’round again to the ritual (whatever it is), you get to notice how you are the same. Or different. The magic of circles.

IMG_1161circles of comfort…


April 18

Seventeen inches in Houston; Eight inches in Bastrop; Five inches in Austin. Very big puddles…

IMG_1163  April 18

rain falls; puddles brim
suddenly we are swimming
small lakes on flat rocks


April 17

April is National Poetry Month and today is Haiku Poetry Day. My friend Annette Makino is a master of this slight poetic form and you can read some her poems here. If you’d like to learn more about this …


April 16

In New England where I grew up, trees and flowers go dormant in the winter. They wait for the sun to rise higher in the sky. Then the sap rises; crocus poke through thawing gardens and spring begins. In Texas, …


April 15

Three years ago, a friend gave me a few daisy plants and I put them in the ground. Now my neighbors stop and tell me how happy they get walking by the daisies. Me too.

IMG_1151These tight-fisted buds
Simply sewn …


April 14

I don’t know why lizards make me think of T.S. Eliot and J. Alfred Prufrock but they do. [“They will say: “But how his arms and legs and thin.”]

IMG_1123Lizard on the edge
Do I dare disturb the leaf?
How …


April 13

IMG_1120Hey you up there. Look
down here, by your foot. Careful.
Small bouquet for you.


April 12

We don’t know what effect we will have in the world. We get up. We do our work. We are kind. We go on. And then one day, if we are lucky, we are recognized for that work, that kindness. …


April 11

Ahh, spring…

IMG_1126Piccolos of pink
Orange trumpets, yellow strings
Roadside symphony