Poetry Month

haiku 20

Today my daughter decided, after being accepted into ten colleges, that she will go to Northeastern University next fall. Like her, I’m thrilled, excited, scared and kind of giddy. It’s all so crazy to love a person so much that…
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haiku 19

A lovely Sunday. I spent the day hanging with a dear, long time friend, watching the teen row two races on Lady Bird Lake under bright rain washed skies. Afterwards, this ‘ku came to mind. conversation wends
mile after mile,…
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haiku 18

My mom died in 2009 just as the iPhone was finding its way into every pocket and purse. I feel sure she would have loved having one. Especially the apps. Most especially, the weather app. As it was, she’d call…
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haiku 16

After spending a delightful day with librarians, kids and and writer, I left the Texas Library Association Conference and headed home. As I drove, a storm was building. So was this funny little haiku… thundery thunder
gusty gusts and splattery…
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haiku 15

The day flies by until I remember, “my haiku,” so I step outside and there is this: heavy scented night
jasmine stars line our pathway
thin crescent above  …
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haiku 14

My roses are blooming crazy which makes me think of this quandary… when are they perfect?
barely open? fully burst?
what makes you say ahhh?…
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haiku 13

When  all else fails, the cat will lend you a haiku. the cat has a thought
at least, it appears that way
then he blinks, it’s gone…
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haiku twelve

When I woke up this morning, I looked at the clock and thought, “The Capitol 10,000 runners are just about finishing up.” I imagined them sweaty and smiling an endorphin soaked high. I did not long to be there although…
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haiku eleven

When I write a haiku, I start by sensing the world around me. In this case, today, I was noticing how damp the air was. It almost felt like I was at the beach. Except I couldn’t hear waves. Just…
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haiku ten

Tonight I went to hear Aimee Mann and Billy Collins. Billy did not sing. Aimee did not recite poems. But they mused about the similarity. Aimee even put music to one of Billy’s poems. They agreed it wasn’t bad but…
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