Q & A

What was the inspiration behind Snuggle Mountain?

I love to tell this story at school visits. When my daughter was two years old, she climbed out of her crib very early in the morning and stood at the edge of my bed looking up at me. As I looked down at her, I thought ,”I bet my bed looks like a mountain. I bet I look like a giant.” Boom. I still have the piece of paper where I captured the idea. I love to show it to the kids on school visits.

Do you like the app or book more?

That’s like asking which child you like more. I love them both. I love the possibilities of interactive screens as a way for kids to explore words and images and ideas. And I still love the lap and the print picture book and turning the pages. For me, it’s not an either/or situation. It’s both.  Our world is changing, and it now includes both paradigms: the page and the screen.

From idea to book, how long did it take?

Oh my, quite a while. I wrote down the idea in 1998. I sold the manuscript in 1999. It was published in 2003. Picture books require patience. And love. And finding just the right illustrator. Did I mention how beautiful Melissa Iwai’s illustrations are?

From book to app, how long did it take?

That process was swipey fast. Melissa Iwai and I got our rights back from Clarion in December 2010. We found PicPocket Books in March 2011, signed a contract that April and the app came out in June 2011. Whoosh. I want to say that everyone–from Clarion to PicPocket—was a dream to work with. Melissa and I couldn’t be happier with both renditions of Snuggle Mountain.