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The story unfolds through interviews with witnesses, scraps of scribbled notes from Tommy himself, and private moments between seemingly unrelated people. Tommy’s disappearance is at the forefront of some stories, at the back of others. Chapters are arranged by lead-characters or items, some more hard-hitting than others, but the picture of a small border town caught up in a mystery and bound by its secrets is an intriguing one that Lane does well. Some chapters do deal with more adult subject matter (drug use, teen pregnancy, racism, prostitution) and adult language is prevalent throughout, but isn’t gratuitous. Give to fans of Holly Goldberg Sloan’s I’ll be There (Little, Brown, 2012) and Todd Strasser’s Give a Boy a Gun (S. & S., 2002).”

School Library Journal, Clair Segal, Horace Mann School, New York City

“In a small Texas town the school science nerd, Tommy Smythe, disappears. The result is a constellation of stories orbiting the pull-out where the boy ought to be. As original as it is compelling, Evidence of Things Not Seen captures the wild pulse of a town dealing with loss and moving on in the backwards-forwards leaning way of life. A gem of a first novel.”

Alan Cumyn, author of TILT and the OWEN SKYE series

“I was fascinated and moved by this thoughtful book about community, faith and science, where ordinary moments and connections resonate with potential as well as the regret we feel over missed opportunities. Be prepared to feel both hope and despair on every page. Evidence of Things Not Seen will make you look again.”

Sarah Aronson, author of Believe and Beyond Lucky

Evidence of Things Not Seen masterfully weaves science, suspense, amazing characters, and scintillating writing to create a multiple universe of stories and lives joined by the power of a single mysterious event. Lindsey Lane has written a unique, powerful novel.

Francisco Stork, author of Marcelo and the Real World

Evidence of Things Not Seen is a powerful, gripping, beautifully-written novel of multiple perspectives. Each voice is unique and compelling; together, they raise profound questions about existence, purpose, and belief, all while moving at a tension-packed pace.”

Janet Fox, author of Sirens

“Wow! Beautiful, complex, and honest, Lindsey Lane’s debut Evidence of Things Not Seen interweaves storylines full of intrigue, emotion, and murder with fundamental matters of the not seen (faith and science blended subtly and masterfully). Highly recommended. My fave POV (there are like 20 distinct voices in this book!) was Karla Ray.”

Joshua McCune, author Talker 25