A Dark Spot

For those of us who voted for Obama, the afterglow of election night is still going strong. What didn’t goes so well on November 4 was the rights of Gays and Lesbians to love whomever they choose. It’s appalling. Thank Goodness, Keith Olbermann is just as appalled as I am because he says it best.

Political Brilliance

I don’t like snarky. I am not a big fan of  sarcastic. But when wisdom, insight, intellectual heavy lifting and heart combine in a column…well, I get a little giddy. You know, excited, weepy, goose bumps and hot flashes all rolled into one.

Frank Rich is usually the one that flips me into that altered state.

Children’s Book Writers of Austin

Back in June, I blogged about a writing weekend (Awesome Austin Writers’ Weekend) with my fellow Austin children’s book writers. We read, critiqued, supported and partied. As a writer, it is so gratifying to be part of a large supportive community because writing can be a lonely business. I feel lucky and glad to have this community right in my backyard.

When my November column in Good Life Magazine came around, top on my list of things I am thankful for is this community. So it only made sense to write about it.

I did not set out to compare A.A. Milne or Dr. Seuss to canned green beans but when I started talking about holiday shopping and buying local, I just couldn’t avoid the analogy comparing local writers to fresh foods, the classics to canned foods and the movie spin-off books to sugary cereals. It just sorta happened.

Check it out: Another Austin Treasure: Children’s Book Writers.

Sneaking politics into the family column

I wanted to write something about the upcoming election. The future of this country seems imminenetly tied to family issues. Also, I was acting out rather badly re the McCain Palin ticket. I would take Hillary’s strident “know-it-all-ness” any day over this woman being used for republican imaging. Yes, I know “willing used” but still…Anyway I was really absorbed and distracted by this election and wanting to write about it but I hadn’t found the angle yet. (Have I mentioned how awesome my editor is…he let my deadline slide for two weeks!) Then my friend Julie Lake called about her letter to the editor in the Atlantic and suddenly I found my way in…Ahh, the serendipity of life and writing.


House For Rent

My long time (seven years) tenants and friends, Andrew and Elizabeth, bought a home of their own. YEA! When they moved out, I got busy fixing up the little house. It will be ready for tenants on October 1, maybe even a bit before. It looks great. Completely renovated inside and out.

Check it out. Pass it on. Rent it.