Author Visits

BPpresentation copyAs a teaching author, Lindsey visits schools, facilitates workshops, speaks on panels and critiques at conferences. She would love to work with your organization to design a visit that suits your needs. 

Free Skype Visit! Lindsey offers a free fifteen-minute Skype visit about Evidence of Things Not Seen with your class or book club. This is an excellent chance for readers to ask questions about inspiration, structure or characters they particularly love.

Conferences, Keynotes and Mentoring:

Writing as a Craft and a Journey – Lindsey enjoys giving lectures on craft. Some of her favorites include: Out on the Bendy Branches: Leaving ‘Write What You Know’ Behind; Jumping the Digital Divide: How My Picture Book Grew Up into an App; Weaving It Together: How Play Writing and Journalism Inform my Novel Writing.

Mentoring: One on One (For the committed writer): Lindsey is available to mentor writers with works in progress.

School Visits:

All programs can be tailored to the specific needs of schools. The most basic and important aspect of her programs is to foster a love of reading, writing and language. Each program allows time for Q&A with students.

Middle and High School Programs:

So What’s The Deal With Point Of View?

This presentation takes students on a tour of point of view. Using a selection of texts, Lindsey engages students first by asking them to read these excerpts aloud. No, Really aloud. Once every one is loosened up, we talk about the effect of these points of views. Then, we write. Depending on the class, Lindsey will work with students on their own manuscripts or she will create a character with them and then write from different points of view so they can experience what the effect of writing from first person versus third person versus omniscient. (60-90 minutes Classroom Setting)

Epiphany Is Not Something That Happens At Easter:

Characters must grow and change. To do that they must have an epiphany. To have an epiphany, they must want something or someone with all their heart. Lindsey will lead students through exercises, reading and acting to find the heart of their characters and the desire line of the story. As an added bonus, students will discover how to impede the main character with boulder size rocks so that the resulting epiphany is even more satisfying. (60-90 minutes Classroom Setting)

Backstory And The Inciting Incident:

Why do authors of really good books and movies often write a sequel that is the prequel to the original? Because a really good book has a really good backstory.  However, that backstory must stay in the background and drive the action on the pages of the book. How do writers do that? Where do they start the story (the inciting incident) to turn the inevitable wheels of fate in motion? Through examining excerpt from books, discussing classic novels and writing exercises, Lane will help students develop the back story of their novel and the best moment to start the action. (60-90 minutes Classroom Setting)

Life As A Writer:

Why do I do it? What’s good about it? What’s hard about it? How did I go from playwright to journalist to author? (45 minutes  Auditorium Setting includes PowerPoint and Q&A)

Pre-K and Elementary School programs:

Because Snuggle Mountain is a picture book with a plot, Lindsey uses it as a teaching tool for many different age groups. The little ones enjoy it purely as a story with a surprise ending. The older ones can use it as a tool to make sure their own stories have a plot. Lindsey’s engaging style reaches readers and writers on many levels and encourages them to be great writers even if they don’t want to write a book

  • Read and Share Snuggle Mountain (PK-2)
  • Participatory song with clapping and movement(PK-2)
  • PowerPoint presentation of how Snuggle Mountain became a book (Grades 2-3)
  • How to be a writer (Grades 2-3) complete with PowerPoint featuring other authors.
  • How to tell a story with a beginning middle and end using Snuggle Mountain as a template (Grades 4-5)

Download the Snuggle Mountain Curriculum Guide that focuses on the 6+1 writing traits. Also, please let Lindsey know if you need a free download of Snuggle Mountain app for classroom use, and she will arrange it.

A few things to consider when scheduling a visit:

Generally, a full day’s school visit includes up to three programs. Sponsor’s expenses include honorarium, transportation, lodging and meals. Books and apps can be ordered through the publishers. 

The Writers League of Texas sponsors Project Wise, an initiative that sends authors in Austin area schools at no cost to the school. Call 512-499-8914. Also, check out these tips from the Cooperative Children’s Book Center’s article about ways to fund and prepare for an author’s visit.

Click here to inquire about fees and availability. Lindsey looks forward to designing a program that will fit your needs and budget.


Testimonials from Adults and Children:

“Lindsey’s “Out on the Bendy Branches” was one of the most inspirational lectures I’ve seen. Her delivery, humor and heart matched the subject matter.”

Graduate Student,
Vermont College of Fine Arts

“A brilliant and inspirational lecture—the epitome of what all “writing life” lectures strive to be. The connections that Lindsey drew between Calder’s work in particular and the writing process were just fascinating. I think any group of artists could benefit from this presentation.”

Faculty Advisor,
Vermont College of Fine Arts

“Lindsey was tremendously engaging, honest, sincere and tremendously inspiring to me and my students.”

Creative Writing Teacher,
Anderson High School

“Ms. Lane created a great learning environment for our students. She was fabulous at getting them to write fantastic details in short spurts of time. Positive feedback from teachers.”

Barrington Elementary

“Lindsey was an excellent presenter! She was able to keep 30 kindergartners entertained and engaged for an hour—no easy feat/ Very relevant and age appropriate lesson.”

Librarian, Andrews Elementary

“Your reading of Snuggle Mountain to our kindergarteners made Children’s Book Week even better. I completely enjoyed watching you interact with the children. You are a natural teacher as well as a gifted writer.”

Principal, Brentwood Christian School

“I really liked your session even though I am not a big fan of writing. It was really fun. I am going to continue writing my stories when I get home, Your session was my favorite one of the day. Thanks.”

Eli, 4th grader

“That picture exercise was awesome. I wanted to do more and more and more. You made me enthusiastic about writing.”

Noah, 3rd grader

“Thank you for coming to our school. I thought it was really fun when we did the warm up with three words and had to make a little story. I thought it was also really fun when we made the long stories when we saw those pictures and we had to think of something on the top of our heads.”

Bella, 5th grader