Poetry Month – April 8, 2024 – On the Altar


When you can’t decide
Left or right
Up or down
This shoe or that shoe
This movie or that one
This snack or that.
When you are stuck,
Flip a coin
That’s right.
Toss it high
Up, up, up, and
Around, but
before it lands
before you look
get quiet,
remember the direction
of each side:
Heads-go home
Tails-stay out another hour
Now look at the coin’s answer
Are you the tiniest bit glad to obey?
Or do you wish for the other side?
There’s your answer.
You’re a winner either way.


The Art Guys created this little ditty. I can’t remember what they called it. Wooden Nickel?. Does it matter? All that ever matters is the whimsy. In everything. It’s a flip of a coin.