Poetry Month – April 23, 2024 – On the Altar









First, go to one of those hard-to-find photo booths.
Practice kiss blowing in the handy, but always smudgy mirror.
Try two-handed and one-handed variations.
Pro tip: Look directly at the camera and make sure
Your head is in the exact same spot for every shot.
Don’t wiggle.
Insert money.
Get ready: Hand or hands on mouth.
(I recommend two hands for better dramatic effect)
Make blowy lips.
Wait for photos.
Stare at the four shots.
Repeat the whole process until you’ve spent far too much money on this crazy idea.

Choose the two best photos.
Trim them to a smidge above tiny.
Cut cardboard to the exact same size.
Make a little photo sandwich.
One side: hands on mouth
Other side: blowy face
In the very top-middle of the photo sandwich
Poke a hole with a threaded needle
Make the thread about two feet long
Tie it off so the photo is at one end
And the other end is wrapped around a tack in the ceiling
Whenever you walk by, it will spin and blow kisses at you.
Send it to someone you love.








How long has the picture of Daniele Massie been blowing kisses at me? A long time. Why? To remind me of simple genius. How do you make an action shot with two pictures? Is it possible to blow kisses at someone? And not be in the same place? With Daniele, anything is possible. She only had to think it.