Poetry Month – April 18, 2024


The world is divided
Those who believe
Those who don’t.
But, you say, it’s angels
How could you not believe in them?
That sweet face
Those rosy cheeks
That curly, almost unruly hair.
She/He/They look fun
She/He/They look like
Sneaking out
Stealing a car
Driving to the reservoir
For a midnight swim
Is a great idea
And if we get caught
That smile will get us off
With a misdemeanor, right?
Except for the fact of the deadly weapon
She’s always carrying,
That will get us a felony.

This picture came from a dear one and perched on my alter for decades. She knew when she gave it to me, I squinted at this sweet little face. I mean, really, he/she/it is smiling at me with a weapon behind its head. Come on. While I don’t choose to put my faith in angels and gods, I do like the notion of forgiveness rather than permission. I call it the angelic pass.