Poetry Month – April 14 – On The Altar


That’s what she wrote on the back of the little prayer house.
Neither of us believed in a god but we knew something
Some BIG thing
knit us together.
When you‘ve left parents’ home,
When you’re renting your own home
When you’re ending one part of your life
And you haven’t quite started the next part
You have to believe that the big bang of you
Sliding into life means something.
Or that it will.
We had to believe that we weren’t random
That we weren’t simply phlegmy appendages
Wafting about the cosmos.
We had to believe it but
It was hard.
Sometimes a note is the only tether.

When I look back at my 20’s and 30’s, I kind of think it’s a miracle we survived and thrived. The freedom of being on my own was exquisite but also terrifying because I really did feel so untethered. I have to say that the people I floated with then and now have kept me woven in to this BIG thing called life and I am very, very grateful.