Poetry Month – April 7, 2024

GREAT FORTUNEWhen all the words are
When all the sound cues
And light levels
And blocking
are set,
When all the publicity
And advertising
And phone calls
are done,
You go to a Chinese restaurant,
The one on Airport Boulevard
Someone said it was good
But you don’t remember the food, only
The cookie with the fortune inside.
The next night,
The house is packed
The reviews are wonderful.
The bouquet of roses is bountiful.
I had so much cake
I ate every bite.

When you write something and you can feel an audience take it in and respond with laughter, hushed listening and raucous applause, there is nothing quite so magical.  I feel especially lucky that I knew it right when it happened. Which is why I’ve kept the rose and the fortune on my altar for so long. To remind myself that wondrous events must be savored because those are the times you can have your cake and eat it too.