Poetry Month – April 4

Today’s Prompt: The Bridge

The Bridge

I cross a bridge most everyday
On my way to most everywhere
Most days, mid bridge, I think about an escape plan if it collapsed
Would I have enough time to press the automatic windows down?
Would I be able to think, “Finger. Window. Open.”
Would it save me?
Would the other falling cars me crush me?
I’m never able to answer these questions of course
So I think about the engineers
who designed the bridge
Who thought about every weight contingency
Who imagined me stopped with forty other cars
Who calculated every pound at every speed.
I wonder
Are the other drivers are making disaster plans?
Are they thinking about dinner and loved ones
Across the river?
Imagine this city with no bridges
Only longing
And searching
For the closest bank
The sturdiest boat.
I swim hard to the surface
As my car sinks to the bottom.