Mosaic Method Workshop in Asheville, NC

Jack Whitten Mosaic Art

 Are you stuck in the middle of a novel? Are you having trouble starting a writing project? Do you just want to crack open your writing in a different way? This workshop is for you. Lindsey Lane’s Mosaic Method asks the writer to explore the deepest parts of their manuscript or story idea.

Specificity makes a story come alive. The more detailed a story, the more enthralled a reader is. Writing by mosaic is a process of writing from prompts, that are specifically curated to each writer’s individual project. Lindsey makes an investment in each writer. Two weeks before the workshop, each writer emails her a synopsis of their project followed by a thirty minute phone conference, where Lindsey interviews them about the story, the characters, the setting, and central themes, from which she creates the unique prompts.

At the workshop, each writer will receive an envelope full of mosaic moments. Together, we will write like our fingers are on fire. By the end of the workshop, each writer will have more fully developed nuggets of their story, which will inspire the story as a whole.

This workshop is designed for those at the beginning of any writing project, to writers who have plotted an entire book. This workshop is not about teaching craft. It is about each writer exploring unknown crevices in their story so that it will come alive with specificity.

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Here’s what some writers say about the Mosaic Method:

“Lindsey found a dozen ways for me to enter my work-in-progress, ways that I would never have seen. It’s not like angles, more like a prism, with each particle a brilliant beam of light. The light splashes, the muse sings, the story emerges. I can’t wait to do it again.” Kathi Appelt, Author, The Underneath

“By suggesting myriad entry points, Lindsey Lane’s Mosaic Method helped me see the vivid details and full dimensionality of my story as if by magic. It’s ingenious.” Liz Scanlon, Author, All The World

“I participated in Lindsey Lane’s “Writing by Mosaic” workshop, and it was magical. Even before the workshop began, I was astonished by and grateful for Lindsey’s generosity in spending so much time in coming to understand this little spark of an idea I hoped to pursue, and in pondering the possibilities of the project. There was something so special, too, about the way the day was structured. I loved the envelope with the secret questions, which were wise and inviting. I loved the bursts of writing, interspersed with resting and talking. New characters and plot complications absolutely sprang from my pen, er, laptop. By the end of the day, I had several new scenes and a larger web on which to hang my story, and I was fired up to write more. When the group shared what we’d done, we discovered that, for each of us, the workshop had been transformative. If you have a chance to do “Mosaics” with Lindsey, I advise you to snap it up immediately!” Susan Fletcher, Author, Alphabet of Dreams

“Mosaic was a transformative experience. Truly. Lindsey’s prompts opened up secrets, possibilities, and new directions I never thought to take my story. I was totally energized by the work. Best of all, because I left the workshop with fresh perspectives and words, there was joy, not fear, as I returned to the manuscript the next day. Now I want to “Mosaic” every book I write.” Anne Bustard, Author, Blue Skies

“In Lindsey Lane’s “Writing by Mosaic” workshop she asks unique questions specific to each person’s work (we all got our own envelopes and prompts) and then gives space and time to dive deep. I was able to unearth new insights into my process and my story in a safe, inspiring atmosphere that seemed a bit like magic, but was a result of careful cultivation of each writer’s heart. Lindsey cares about people, and their work, and that makes all the difference.” Meredith Davis, Author, Her Own Two Feet