Poetry Month – April 5, 2022

You can probably guess where this little poem came from. Choose a part of your body you don’t find, um, very attractive. Write a rhapsody to it. Ha!


Oh my little bony friends
Oh my calloused misshapen ones
Oh my little tippy toes
Stretching, stretching, stretching up to
The forbidden jar of change
The cupboard with the peanut butter and fluff
The booze on the top shelf of the corner cabinet
How I’ve jumped and danced and twirled on you
How I’ve jammed you into the sexiest shoes imaginable
How I’ve blistered you
Again and again
Still you balanced me
Still you carried me up mountains
Across asphalt
Down to the beach
Into the water
Ahhh, our favorite place
Where I’ve soaked you
Massaged you
Painted you
Dug you in warm sand
Oh my deditos
Oh my dita dei piedi
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

©Lindsey Lane