#Giving Tuesday

We interrupt our regularly scheduled broadcast for this special announcement:

Hi Friends,

I think you know how much going to the women’s prison in Gatesville every month means to me. What began as research for my novel Truth Inside has become a devotional service. Though I had volunteered for many different projects and organizations before, I had never really understood what it meant until I was in a circle of women serving twenty, thirty, sixty-year and life sentences. There is something about getting out of my well upholstered pathways and doing the simple thing of showing up, dependably for six years now which has, well…Here it is in a nutshell: First, I went for me. Then I went for them. Now I go simply to be there with them because I care about them.

Why give to Truth Be Told? After all, it’s such a small organization that reaches a relatively small population within a burgeoning prison population. Truth Be Told is small but mighty. A dedicated group of volunteers. A twenty plus year history. A simple but effective teaching design that allows women to unshackle themselves from the shame of their past and think about the kind of women they want to become.

So consider Truth Be Told in your Giving Tuesday thoughts and considerations. Here is the link to give: https://secure.givelively.org/donate/truth-be-told/raising-100-000-in-10-days

Thank you,


A constellation of moons above the fence in Gatesville