Are You Teaching This Fall?


On Tuesday, August 24 at 6pm, I will begin teaching a synchronous online class at Austin Community College. Beginning Creative Writing: Introduction to Young Adult Fiction. (Synchronous online means we meet online every Tuesday 6-840pm, live and in person.) I taught this class last year for the first time and it was fantastic. Even though it is a beginning class, all levels are welcome. I tailor the content to meet each student where they are. Some students had projects in hand. Some were facing the blank page. It didn’t matter. We all dug in and explored craft, together, cheering one another on and going to deeper into story. Last year, Jenny Ziegler, Kathi Appelt, Donna Janell Bowman, Meredith Davis and Sean Petrie visited the class. This year, there will be other guest surprises. Join us. There is still room.

Here are the registration links:
For continuing Education students: Click here
For Credit Students: Click here   (Scroll down to the Synchronous Digital courses)
Additional registration info for credit students: Click here