Thinking Out Loud – The Moment Before; The Moment After

One of my very favorite quotes from A.A. Milne is “There was a moment right before Pooh began to eat the honey which was better than when he was, but he didn’t know quite what to call it.”

I love that moment. Anticipation. Expectation. Adult words in a little kid’s heart.

But there is another kind of moment before…

When the radiologist says, “We need to look at something a little more closely. Could you come in for a sonogram?” Oooph. Then the moment before becomes a dreaded thing. You don’t know what they are going to find. You don’t know if you want to know. But you have to go, right? You have to find out what might be lurking inside your body. You have to live through the long moments before the radiologist says, “It looks normal. We’ll see you next year.”

Then you get the moment after.

There was a moment right after Lindsey found out she didn’t have a malignant growth inside her, which was sweeter than apple pie or honeysuckle-scented air or sunlight on the ocean, but she didn’t know what to call it.

I love that moment. Relief. Ease. Lightness in an adult person’s heart.