Thinking Out Loud* – The ‘She/Her’ Thing

Last month I took part in a two week, on-line residency where everyone announced their pronouns when they introduced themselves and tagged their zoom name with their identifying pronouns. Until then, I had never felt the need to put my pronouns in my email signature or to introduce myself by stating my pronouns.

I mean, why should I? I’m normal.

Oh crap.

There it is.  Cisgender privilege running the show.

Consider the possibility that being cisgendered isn’t the only identity. Consider being someone other than who you are. Consider how announcing your pronouns might let others know not only who you are but also that you are open to whatever pronouns they choose. Consider the welcoming relief of this simple recognition.

So why do I put she/her after my name? Because I want you to know that I don’t assume what your pronouns are. I want you to know that I embrace the possibility of what you choose.


*As the youngest in my bio-family, I was a late talker. The walking talking tribe of my older sisters and my parents were paragraphs and sentences ahead of me when I arrived. I was hesitant to speak up, to think out loud. I thought I had to be perfect. Hah!  This series, for however long it lasts, is about me speaking up and thinking out loud.