November Book Launches-Austin

Hey There Friends,

I’m reorienting my social media presence (less FaceBook), and, once a month on my blog, I will post about all the book launches in my community of book writing pals. Yes, there are a lot more book launches in the bookish town of Austin but I am noting the ones of people I know and love.

So here they are:

On Saturday, November 2 at 2pm, at the Lark & Owl Booksellers in Georgetown, PJ Hoover is launching her newest book Hidden Code. PJ is a fabulous storyteller and writes these middle grade adventure novels that kids seem to gobble up.

On Sunday, November 3 at 2pm, at BookPeople in the heart of Austin, Cate Berry is launching her hilarious counting picture book, Chicken Break. This book makes me want to have babies all over again. Well sorta.

And because I love this video of Chicken Break, I’m sharing it here:

Okay, friends, keep reading and have fun.