What is the Best Part?
Something unanticipated?
Something discovered?
Something long awaited?

Many years ago, my friend Anjani whispered to a friend that she longed to eat the entire inner seedless core of a watermelon. On her birthday, she woke to find a freshly picked watermelon at the foot of her bed. She cut the melon into four long quarters and then ate the inner core one bite at a time. In a way, she was thrilled to have accomplished her longing. She never wanted to do it again but every time she ate the tiny seedless triangles from a slice, she remembered the gorging event and told the story. I always wondered which was the best part: the little bits that create the longing or the goal achieved?

On this Tuesday night, July 9, at 8pm at Home Slice Pizza on South Congress Avenue, Austin Bat Cave is hosting its monthly storytelling event. The theme is The Best Part. Entrance is $10. I will tell a story and emcee the event. Gulp.