Joy Takes A Hike

No, Really. I went hiking in Southern Arizona. See…


It was beautiful. Really freaking beautiful. Every step was a joy. Even the hard ones.

But here I am again. And believe me, I hesitated about coming back. Not from hiking. Back to the joy inquiry. Why? Well, because I said I was going to do it every day. So of course when I didn’t, I immediately thought, “Well, you fucked up. You can’t keep a commitment. You are SUCH a flaky loser writer.”

Wow, harsh, eh? No one can’t beat me up like I can beat me up.

And no one can get up but me. So in the face of all that beating myself up, I start again. Things happen. Life twists and turns. We have to let things go slack for a bit so we can pick something else up. The point is to pick it back up if it’s important. This inquiry is important.

If only to stop the beating up of my dear, sweet self and live more joyfully every day.