And then this thought…

This is stupid.
Who Cares?
Does the world really need another word
Another thought
Another whatever?

Probably not.

And yet…
And yet…

That’s all it is: a thought. one crappy little thought cluster ready to derail the whole operation.

Hello there, crappy little thought.
You are part of the writing deal.
I can’t imagine you not showing up at  least once
during any creative endeavor.
I could say, Fuck off.
But what would be the point?
I can’t imagine you not showing up.
So…Hello there, crappy little thought.
Nice to see you are alive and kicking.
Guess what?
I’m going to keep going
Even though you are giving me that practically famous squinty-eyed look:
You better stop
No one cares
Be quiet.

Yeah, I’m gonna keep going and see what happens.