The Knee Poem

My poem, The Knee Poem, was published and selected as Editor’s Choice for the Ocotillo Review! I had the pleasure of reading it at Malvern Books in Austin, TX this summer.

To see me read the poem, click this link to the video: The Knee Poem Reading


The Knee Poem

By Lindsey Lane

Skinned knees
Scabby knees
Fall out of a tree and pick yourself up knees

Tucked knees
Cannon ball tight knees
Make a splash knees

Knobby kneed
Knock kneed
Nylons bagging, trying to grow up too fast knees

These knees
These knees
These simply bending

Silky knees
Charleston knees
Playing peekaboo behind hands knees
Teasing like winking eyes under skirts knees

Ooo…the bee’s knees
Make me weak in the knees
Crawl across hot sand and broken glass a million miles to kiss those knees
Swooning, fall into your arms knees.

These knees
These knees
These simply bending

Scarred knees
Scrubbing floors knees
Twenty bucks-a-pop
Please don’t. I’ll never do it again knees.

Wounded knee
Boy, Get on your knees
Put your hands behind your back knees
Knee jerk, gun to the head knees

Fuck no
Take a knee
Bent down
Bent over
Bent up
Bent too long
Worn out
These knees can be replaced

Kneeling knees
Prayer knees
Feeling small at the alter of something big knees

Dig in the earth, dirt stained knees
Chubby baby wobbling into your lap
Begin again, crawling out of the muck

These knees
These knees
They simply bend.