My First Webinar…Yes!

Saying Yes is Good

Kwame Alexander’s talk about his path to publication and winning the Newbery Medal for the Crossover is about saying yes. He believes in the yes. So do I.

So when Writers League of Texas Program Director Michael Noll emailed and said, “I think your Crafting Short Fiction class would make a great Writers League of Texas webinar. Would you like to do it?” I said yes.


Because a yes will take me further down the road. A no is a stop.

I have never taught a webinar before. To be honest, I’m a little nervous. I mean, it could be a little weird sitting in my office talking to my computer for three hours. But it could also be fun. After all, I really like teaching. I love talking about aspects of craft and digging in to discover what makes a great beginning or how to use setting effectively. But most of all, I love being authentic and connecting with people in a class setting. I love when something I say creates an ‘aha’ moment for them. I love sharing the inspiration of writing.

Will it be harder to do through a digital format? Hmmm…maybe.

But I still say yes.

Join me on Wednesday August 30 @6:30pm for webinar on:
The Craft of Short Fiction: Telling the Story with Fewer Words and More Punch 

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