Interstitial Interstices 

They look like architectural drawings
these two words
Maps of pathways between things
all columns and arches
inviting us to enter into
the thing between everything
the you inside you
the imperfect chink in the crystal lattice
the weeds in between the flagstones
the interruptions in the boring passages the
waiting periods before we assume a higher position
in our mundane existence
—as if—
all the everythings will be better then
When really what we want is to slip
Our fingers into the crevice of her hand
Breathe ourselves onto her skin
Weave through the pathways
Along and
All the way

The practice is inspired by Naomi Shihab Nye and her notion that words are like oars. Dip them in the water. Explore with them. Feel how they touch and bump up against one another. Let them take us further down the stream.