Paperback Writer

EOTNS_hires-600x900Today, my debut novel Evidence of Things Not Seen is being released in paperback. To be honest, while I was writing Evidence of Things Not Seen, I always envisioned it as a paperback passing between students’ hands in the hallway of school. I envisioned girls’ saying, “Read Hypothesis. I can so relate to how Izzy feels about her virginity.” I could hear boys argue, saying, “No way that Alex dude would mind getting laid.”

I could hear them discussing about the star crossed lovers in The Proposal. They would debate saying Leann’s yes or not. I could hear boys saying how sick (in a good way) it was that the couple drove off the cliff. I saw all of them wondering about Karla Ray and if they would ever feel so mad and betrayed, they would kill someone. With a pick ax.

I loved writing Evidence. I loved thinking about kids who might read it. I wrote to them. I wanted them to think about open-ended questions: Like what really happened to Tommy? What is the difference between sex and intimacy? How do you love people who hurt you? What would make you run away from home? I was that kind of teenager. I loved the unanswerable questions, the what if’s. I still do. I wanted to write a book that spoke to them as young adults and allowed them to look over the edge into grittier parts of life.

Evidence is now available as paperback, which means it has another life yet to life. Being passed from hand to hand by kids who want to read an honest, tough book.