Asking for Evidence: Nando

EOTNS_hires-600x900Nando is featured on pages 187-191 of Evidence of Things Not Seen.

Some Questions

Readers have called my young adult novel Evidence of Things Not Seen “edgy” and had a lot of questions about the characters profiled there.  Some of those questions have been, well, edgy themselves.  With only a chapter spent with each, readers fiercely want to both hold the characters accountable and make sure they get the respect they deserve.

Look for pointed questions to each of the characters here. Maybe you can answer some of them yourself.  If you prefer to print all the questions, download a PDF here.

1. Tommy Smythe has been called a weirdo, a science nerd, a freak. Your dad thinks he’s a brujo, a magician. Is it possible that he’s all these things?

2. Your father doesn’t think Tommy is dead but that he’s more like a spirit body, still very much alive but in a different form. What do you think happened to Tommy Smythe?

3. You said, “That muchacho loco is gone and I’m still looking for his notebook.” Why would you do that?