Asking for Evidence: Jake 

Jake is featured on pages 129-145 (Watermelons) of Evidence of Things Not Seen.EOTNS_hires-600x900

Some Questions

Readers have called my young adult novel Evidence of Things Not Seen “edgy” and had a lot of questions about the characters profiled there.  Some of those questions have been, well, edgy themselves.  With only a chapter spent with each, readers fiercely want to hold the characters accountable and make sure they get the respect they deserve.

Look at pointed questions for each of the characters here. Maybe you can help answer some of them.  If you prefer to print all the questions, download a PDF here.

1. How does it feel, going to the pull-out every week to sell fruit knowing that it was the last place Tommy Smythe was known to be?

2. When you said, “One of the cool things about farming is the seed knows exactly what it’s going to be,” you were thinking about your future, weren’t you? What’s the parallel between the seed and your life?

3. If Tommy Smythe’s alternate universe theory were true, what other lives would you be living now that you’ve graduated high school?

4. You talk about having a tendency to wait around for things to happen, about being slow to decide things, about always second-guessing yourself. In what ways do you think these habits have altered the course of events in and around your life?

Some Answers

Readers have also seen themselves in characters or seen their friends in the pages.  Some of things they see about themselves and others make them curious, some scare them, and some offer hope.  Each set of questions is followed by some websites and organizations where you might get answers.  I call them “resources” for lack of a better name.  But they could also be called a lifeline, a revelation, or evidence of things not seen.  Don’t be afraid to look for answers.


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